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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 14, 2019 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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♪ >> thanks for watching "france 24." 60 minute live around the world. the british parliament voting today on whether or not to delay .he final brexit date even if they vote to push it back, all countries would have to agree. more from our correspondent live in london. algeria's new prime minister says the new government will be formed early next week.
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that's the latest reaction to street protests that pushed the president to announce his bid for a fifth term in office. emmanuel macron in kenya taking off the -- kicking off the one planet climate summit after a u.n. report says one in 4 deaths around -- around disease around the world is linked to global warming. japan and russia join a global ban of the boeing 737 max after the united date ground the aircraft. boeing maintntains the plalanese safe, but supports the ban as a precautionary measure. investigators say they will take care of the black boxes recovered from the ethiopian airline crash site. more on that in our business update. first, o our live -- top stories live from paris. ♪
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the british parliament is gearing up for a third night of brexit voting this week. mps will decide whether or not to delay the official divorce date that is 15 days away. if that delay is approved, the 27 other e.u. nations would have to approve the delay. that comes after a vote last night where the parliament narrowly rejected leaving the e.u. without a deal, but speaking in parliament,t, prime minister police a may said the postponement would mean nothing if there was no u.k. agreement on the deal. way, ine house finds a the coming day, to support a deal, it would allow the government to seek a short, limited technical extension to article 50.
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such a shortar, technical extension is only likely to be on offer if we have a deal in place. >> let's go to london with benedicta. let's go to the boat last night. -- vote last night. where dodo this leavave parliamt now? the s second day in a row on what ououcrucial votes in the brexit processss at this very y te stage, , yesterdy wawas 16 days to go to the all-l-important date of the e 2h of march, thehe scheduled e exif the united kingdom from the e.u. 98 and what happened was high drama. twice to reject the opopon of the e united kingdom leaving the e e.u. without a de.
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once in an a amendment thatt was first going to be moved d and wasn't moved and then was moved by someone else and ththe governmement motio which havinig ,d mps couould have a freeee voe they were three lined wit and ,espite that, 1212 mininisters including four cabinet ministers actually abstained, some by walking into the bar of parliament allegedly having been instructed to do so and none of them have lost their jobs. resigned,ministers feeling that was the right thing to do. we have a prime minister who lost control not just of her party, but also her cabininet. what we e are now going to have today is another significant vote. as a result of the voting could stillhe u.k.
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crasash out on the 29th of marc. why? because yesterday, asne mp, the leader of the euroan "aearchroup said, this was re motion and what is needed is to enshrine that in legigislation. that can be done, but will it be done and when. also in time? -- in time? genie: there'ss a later vote happening today about popotentially d delaying brexit papassed -- papast that date of marcrch 29. > t there wilill be amendmdmt will be voted on before,ut the vevernment motion is to ask for ththe e.u. for a short -- - at s called a technical extension and ththat short delay would be untl and if mps june apapprove that, that would actually be the d day before the
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e.u. sumummit we think, possibl. we know it will be next weekek d it is referred to as meaningful vote threeee. she lost by 230 votes the firstt time of asking, second time by 149 votes. at that rate, we would need -- need another 3, 4, 5 votes. we think the mps will vote for an extension. a warning from the prime minister was clear, if you don't approve that short extension, be careful what you wish for and vote for because it could be a much longer extension in which case the united kingdom would have to hold european elections and we could be talking about an extension of a y year or two and willll the e.u.u. approve that? it would need a valid reason, they have made that clear. genie: thanks for that. that comes as france got a tan's
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brexite of post nightmare. a protest is causing travel chaos. james told us more. disruption here with very long lines of people waiting to board euro star and messages coming out of the loudspeakers where they explained they have no idea which trains might be canceled and asking people to potentially cancel trips if they are nonessential. we spoke to a couple people in queue trying to figure out the best time to wait in line. one man said i am in business last to one of the agents and one of the agents saying this doesn't change anything because it is a strike organized by french customs. they say you will be in business class when you get through customs. right now, we cannot do anything for you.
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this man saying he has a baby and babysitter waiting in london and needs to get back. this is the situation, but people are rather calm. they knew the situation was complicated. it's important to note this strike has been going on for 10 days and their method is to implement rules and regulations they can to every single passenger. every single passenger is questioned. people ask why they are going to the u.k., what for. some packages are also being checked, the idea for the customs officers to show howw complicated things might become after brexit and ask for more money and more personnel on the different sides to m make things as easy as possible potentially post brexit. british prosecutors have
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chararged a former briritish sor with murder over a 1972 killing in northern ireland lininked to the deathh of 13 civil rights protesters in northern ireland more than 40 years ago, an event known as bloody sunday. the former paratrooper will bee charged with two murders and four attempted murders. he was one of 17 veterans facing possible prosecution in the politically sensitive case. algeria's new prime minister has just given a press conference announcing the country's new benefit. his new cabinet will be formed early next week after weeks of mass protests that force to the president, the man who has run the country for 20 years to run announce his bid for a fifth term. the prime minister said he would form an inclusive and technocratic government that would include young algerians. it was young people who made up the bulk of the protesters.
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philip has been keeping a close eye on this story and joins me for more. the big question was from the young people. is this change going to be enough? youip: it depends if believe what of the politicians are saying in algeria. this press confererence in justa short while ago by the new prime minister and his prized prime absolutewas an spectacle of question dodging and insincerity of asking questions of jouournalists. i think what they are saying about holding this national conference and making up new government will not wash with the protetesters. there e have been protests in algeria since the end of that --february to ask
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not run for a fifth mandate announce on monday this week he had decided not to run. people are saying why is he remaining in office? this is the regime just holding onto power by postponing the elections on the 18th of april, leaving him in power and maintaining their grip on the country. this announcement today by the prime minister and the vice prime minister of the composition of a new government which will bring in experts andd also many women and young people may be enough to placate some people, but i don't think many people will see this as being really a major step toward what they want, basically the current president to stand down and for a new president to take office. genie: the government proposed a
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reshuffle and also something called a national congress. tell us about the timeline for that. philip: there were two things. the first was a new government with experts and young people in it because young people were those who were behind most of the protests over the last month and also women who play a key role in ideally -- in algeria. they will have a national conference and discuss all sorts needs to, how algeria move forward and those issues will be put forward, some of them into the constitution and the constitution will be adopted by a referendum. what is the timeline on all of this? it is very vague coming from these two leaders. they seem to say the timeline will be the end of this year. that is what the current president has called for they
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are in agreement with each other, but what changes need to be made, then the referendum will be taken and fresh elections will be held to bring in a new president. genie: thank you for that. in venezuela, madera ash nicolas maduro government's struggling to return power following heavy looting. looters smashed windows after nearly a week without power. this thursday, the government is calling on public employees to return to work. schools are still closed today as venezuelans are suffering from a lack of water. emerald maxwell reports. >> the government says power is back on and the country can go baback to work. many people are struggling to obtain the most basic needs, water. venezuela's worst back out on lastd stalled the pumps
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week. people north of the capital say they have been without running water for about a month. people in the community force the faucet open to get water. we were not able to get any today because the engineer closed it until further notice. >> others have been going to more desperate lengths to fill their containers. some try their luck in streams on the outskirts of caracas. the blackened -- blackoko has been too much to bear in the western city saw looting. the reason for the power cuts has not been determined, but most people have no doubt who is to blame. >> this blackout shows we have no government. there is no government. if there was a government, this would not be happening right now. the blackouto says shows government incompetence.
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genie: let's take a look at other big news stories coming from around the world. in nigeria, rescuers have pulled nearly 50 peoplple from the wreckakage of a c collapsed four story building ininagos. we wilill get to t that in a mi. you can see in ethiopia from the airline crash the two black boxes have been brought back to paris. they are due to be examined by the air accident investigation agency. it could help determine what caused the brand-new aircraft the plunge to the ground, killing all 157 people on board. in nigeria, let's go back to that school collapse where there are now about 50 people who have been pulled frorom the wreckage. officials say there were around 100 students who had been attending what was described as
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inside that- and building. 8 bodies have been recovered so far with dozens of children trapped inside. brazil, two maxed men armed with a gun, knives, axes, and crossbow stormed a school, killing atat least five students and two adults before one killed the other and himself. the men were identified as former students. one of the men's mother said her son had been severely bullied at school. . emmanuel macron and kenya pot president are launching a climate summit in nairobi today. the one planet summit backed by france and the u.n. is hoping to push nations to dramatically cut consumption and waste. that comes one day after the release of a dramatic new report that says one in four deaths or
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diseases around the world are linked to global warming. here is more from president macron speaking in nairorobi. >> from uganda to the united states to nearly every country represented here, use our rallying. every week they expressed impatiencece, dissatisfaction, r to wrong -- too long and the wrong reasons, you haven't changed things. our job is to act. genie: a massive oil slick is headed to france's southwestern coastline after a fire broke out on a cargo ship, causing it to sink. here is simon harding. ameririca ablaze in the atlalantic oce offff the frenchch coast. ththe italian cacargo ship sankn tuesday on route from hamburg to casablanca. authorities fear a major pollution disaster. coast,ometers off the
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the vessel was carrying thousands of secondhand vehicles . it also had over 2000 tons of crude oil and 365 containers on board, 45 of which deeeemed to e carrying toxic substances. the french navy identified a spill headed toward the shore. they believe i it's a dozen kilometersrs long and a kilometr wiwide. >> there are perhaps 100 tons of hcl and a number of other substances. to ththe french navyvy have beenut i in place to locate any containers that have not sunk. the gogovernment has also dedepd a special anti-pollution vessel, which is expected to be on n sie this friday. the ministry of ecology saidd te spill should make landfall early next week. the owners of the grand america was headed a letter of formrmal notiti that your -- that reminded it of its
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responsibilities to safeguard the environment in relation to marine pollution. genie: you heard the french president talking about a massive worldwide protest movement against climate change bebeing pushed by young people. they are gearing up toto do that this friday. that movement began 6 months ago with a 15-year-old camped out in front of sweden parliament next to a handwritten sign that said school strike for climate. that strike on friday promising 1000 action hoping to push world leaders to confront the threat of global warming. a movement activists and experts could say -- say could be a milestone moment. let's take a look at today's headlines. the british government is voting on whether or not to delay the final brexit date. even if they vote to push it back, all 27 e.u. countries would have to agree.
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algeria posner prime minister said the government will be formed early next week. that's the latest reaction to street protests that push the president to renounce his bid for a fifth term in office. emmanuel macron in kenya to kickoff the one planet climate summit has a new report says one in four deaths in disease around the world is linked to global warming. time for our business update. you are going to start with the latest on boeing 737 and jets set to remain grounded around the world and black boxes from the ethiopian airline plan n are back in france. >> flight data and cockpit voice recorders have arrived in paris -- the airgators accident investigation agency analyze them. on wednesday, the faa ordered all 737 max numeral eights
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grounded. the list of countries banning the aircraft keeps growing with japan and russia becoming the latest addition. since's share dropppped 11% sunday. allison: flights canceled across the u.s. after the president announced the grounding of all flights.7 max it is a decision many passengers which had come sooner, e even if not all of them are convinced there is a risk. >> it wouould have been nice too a day or so before. i am glad he did d it now. >> there are so many that are operational. i am not sure if it is as big an issue people are making it sound like it is. allison: the grounding is an issue for boeing. boeing is the top u.s. exporter by sales and employs over 150,000 people worldwide.
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updating the software on the planes could cost betetween $1 million and $2 million a jet. the company is working on orders for 464600 more planes. if orders are cacanceled or stalled, thehe impact could bebe felt around d the world. the u.s. plane maker gets parts from global suppliers like michigan tires andnd security system designed by an agency near bordeaux. >> w we are anxious to see what decisions get made by boboeing d the airlinenes who are also our clients.s. we will be in n trouble if there is a real prproblem with this model in the coming months or years. allison: boeing continues to have confidence in the safety. the ceo supported grounding as a proactive step out of an abundance of caution. genie: new data is pointing to further weaknesses in china's economy. 5.3%ctory output grew
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during the first two months of this year. 5.3.3%.ment rose as of slowdown come despite support measures byby the beijig government. the u.s. president, donald trump says he is in no rush t to finalize a trade pact with china. last month, washington decided not to increase tariffs further as of march, issues such as intellectual property and technology transfer remain a sticking point. a meeting between president ximp and using pain -- shinping could be delayed. china is notmp:
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doing well. we are doing unbelievably well. our -- we could have the deal get the dealide or almost completed and negotiate the final points. i would prefer that. it doesn't matter that much. shares at the moment, for now, mostly up this thursday as markets brace for another vote in the british parliament on delaying the brexit date. the footsie up three quarters of a part -- of a percentage point. dax up a third of a percentage point. genie: the deadline to nominate a new leader for the world bank is set to expire today. undersecretarysury is poised to take that job as he .s the only candidate
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selectiontrump's fears -- promote nationalist agenda although he has been keen to distance himself from the president. he has repeatedly criticized the big development lenders as wasteful and called for reforms. let's take a listen. sorry, there was no soundbite. genie: japan's entertainment industry in damage control after an actor was arrested for drug ababuse. sega canceled shipments of all videogames called judgment which features a well-known actornd musiciaian arrested on suspicion of using cocaine. it is common practice in the pan to put a blanket and on content featuring actors accused of miscononduct, which some say iss overreacting.. in the videogame judgment, he plays a boss.
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when the japanese actor got busted in real life are using announcedocaine, sega they were suspending shipment of the videogame. >> sega hasn't received the arrest meant reports and are confirming the facts. we will voluntarily refrain from shipments and digital sales o of judgment. him one ofso costing his best-knownwn roles as the voice of olaf in the animated musical "frozen." disney is s looking to replace m in the upcoming sequel. many japanese broadcasters have decided to stop airing content that features him. it is a reaction common in japan when actors are charged with crimes and one some say is s too extreme. >> do we need to punish them becaususe of? one drug addict? > we should make a socieietyt suororts actorss to rehabilitate rather than one that banishes them. >> sega has not said whether it
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will apply to the global release of the game. genie: thank you for that. coming up, as the french president is hosting a climate summit in
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